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DDoS Attacks: The Terrifying New Landscape & Web Acceleration 101 (Cloudflare Meetup)
Monday 05 February 2018, 06:30pm - 08:00pm
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Talk 1: DDoS Attacks: The Terrifying New Landscape

In the old days, to launch a DDoS attack, an attacker would gain network capacity and then use that capacity to launch an attack. With enough capacity, an attack would overwhelm the victim's network hardware with junk traffic such that they can no longer serve legitimate requests.

Recently, this dynamic has shifted as attackers have gotten far more sophisticated. The practical realities of the modern Internet have increased the amount of effort required to clog up the network capacity of a DDoS victim - attackers have noticed this and are now choosing to perform attacks higher up the network stack. This talk will cover what modern DDoS attacks look like, from the edge of a network that sees 10% of global internet traffic; and how you can launch and stop modern DDoS attacks.

Talk 2: Web Acceleration 101

The load time of your website not only affects your search engine rankings, but is also correlated to the conversion rate on your site; Kyle Rush from the 2011 Obama for America campaign site showed a 3 second page load speed improvement increased on-site donations by 14% (resulting in over $34 million in donations). With websites now being accessed from an ever more diverse range of devices and platforms, it’s vital your online presence remains fast across the board.

This talk will cover the realities of modern web acceleration and the best practice you can use to speed up your online presence; using caching, modern web protocols and on-site optimisations.


6:30pm: Doors open, snacks & networking

6:40pm: “DDoS Attacks: The Terrifying New Landscape” talk kickoff

7:05pm: “Web Acceleration 101” talk kickoff

7:30pm: Talk conclusion - Post event discussion & networking

8:00pm: Event conclusion

About the Speaker:

Junade Ali ( is a software engineer who is specialised in computer security and software architecture. Currently, Junade works at Cloudflare as a polymath, and helps make the Internet more secure and faster; prior to this he was a technical lead at some of the UK's leading digital agencies before moving into architecting software for mission-critical road-safety systems. Junade remains engaged in the academic computer science community and produces research on computer security and combinatorics.

Location The Hub Southern Cross 696 Bourke St · Melbourne