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AWSN Melbourne Feb 2020 Event (AWSN Melbourne)
Wednesday 19 February 2020, 05:00pm - 07:00pm
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Hear from Sara Gray : Removing my tin-foil hat – how I learned to trust the security of cloud.

Despite the rapid growth of cloud computing adoption, many Organisations (and in particular, their security teams) still struggle with understanding how these services available via the Internet can be more secure than those managed privately on-premises.

Leveraging her observations and prior experience as an IT security auditor, Governance, Risk and Compliance Specialist, and CISO, Sara will discuss key security features and benefits of cloud computing that enabled her to ultimately trust and promote the use of cloud services for some of Australia’s most sensitive workloads.

This is a session for those wanting to better understand how cloud computing can be more secure than on-premises services, or for those wanting some perspectives to challenge the “tin-foil” cloud skeptics within their own organisation.

Sara Gray is Security Specialist Solutions Architect within the AWS ANZ Worldwide Public Sector Team. Her role serves to assist Government, Education and Health customers in the Australia and New Zealand region with making a secure journey to the cloud, in a manner that complies with local regulatory requirements.

Prior to joining AWS, Sara held security leadership and specialist advisory roles in security governance, risk and compliance, as well as security incident response. Sara’s customers included those from Government, Financial Services, Mining, Energy and Resources sectors. Sara has also previously served on the Board of Directors for the ISACA Canberra Chapter.


Hear from Paul Macey : Data Governance Industry Trends and how cloud is a data governance game changer

Industry regulations such as ISM and GDPR, together with unrelenting new and existing sources of data arriving at greater speed and volume every day, make automation of data security and metadata a necessity for most commercial and public sector organisations.

In this session we will hear from Paul on what he is experiencing first hand around data governance, internal data and security policies, and culture as he meets with organisations across the Australia, New Zealand, and the world.

This is a session for those wanting to understand the common data challenges experienced in many organisations across the world and how, by moving to cloud, these organisations have been able to break down their data silos to produce insights that were previously unachievable and with data security and data classification automatically applied and catalogued.

This is a session for those wanting to understand how IT and data security together with metadata and data cataloguing can be defined, applied and automated in a repeatable, extensible way. Viewers will walk away with an appreciation of how moving to cloud can enable your organisation to work more securely, faster, and at a scale that was previously not possible, and at a fraction of the cost.

Paul is a Specialist Solution Architect at AWS, specialising in Big Data, Analytics, and Insights. Paul has worked in industries including Telecommunications and Banking, and in his current role, he is spending much of his time with Public Sector customers including Federal Government, Utilities, Universities and Health across Australia and New Zealand.


Networking 5pm, event starts 5.15pm.

Please join us for the event, light refreshments will be provided.

Location AWS 8 Exhibition Street Level 18 Melbourne, VIC 3000