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Ruxmon Lightning Talks (Ruxmon meetup)
Friday 25 October 2019, 06:00pm - 08:00pm
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Ruxmon is a free monthly event where speakers from the local security community share their knowledge on a security topic ranging from introductory/beginner level to more advanced topics.

This month we are continuing with the new format of lightning talks (max 10 minutes).

We are still accepting submissions from speakers at the following URL:


When (your|their) IPS lies to you - Barry Anderson

Blue-teamer - thought your IPS was saving you? Red-teamer - thought their IPS was saving them? Maybe/maybe not. This is a default config 0-day for a well-known IPS and how we found it while building a critical network.


Gone Phishing/Viral: How to achieve organic traffic to the Nth degree using counter-advertising, feel-good non-fake news - Mike Monnik

This talk covers a non-weaponised phishing experiment on a social media platform that quickly resulted in (wholesome) collateral. We look at how to use advertising/marketing for social engineering, the positives/negatives and general personality traits that be used as hooks for phishing.


Breaking into Chinese language dictionaries(如何破解中文电子词典的内容) - Peter Ross

Electronic dictionaries are an essential tool for foreign language students, but are almost always secured to prevent copying and scraping. This talk will describe the protection measures of two different Chinese dictionary apps and techniques to defeat them.


Please. Make the Slackware stop. - seven

Wikipedia considers Slackware a Linux distribution created by some supreme overlord who likes to make weird design choices purely Because He Can. seven managed to pentest a "Slackware" system recently, but the more he tested, the deeper the rabbit hole went. Join this run through on a unique Linux system that just... causes headaches.

Location RMIT Building 80, Level 2, Room 2 445, Swanston Street · Melbourne