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Decision support red teaming: see the world in a different way (AISA chapter meeting)
Wednesday 20 June 2018, 07:30am - 09:00am
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Established in the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS) at Fort Leavenworth Kansas; the US Army’s Red Team University is the pre-eminent red team training and research institute and has brought innovative tools and techniques to all branches of the US military as well as many foreign militaries.  Formal Red Team training and facilitation is the U.S. military’s secret weapon in the battle against an uncertain future.  Red Teaming can be employed by companies and organizations that want to stress test their strategies, strengthen their plans, make better decisions and uncover the powerful truths that reside inside every group. The techniques will help businesses think differently about themselves and see how customers, competitors and other key constituencies will react to moves they make in the marketplace before they make them. They will also help businesses turn disruptive events to their own advantage. Red teaming is how businesses stay relevant, keep ahead of the competition and cope with an increasingly complex and uncertain world.  
The presentation points and take-away:
Red Teaming in the information security space has become synonymous with pen testing - this is limiting.  Take full advantage of decision support red teaming and add another dimension of value for your customers.  We will have an overview of decision support red teaming and the difference between cyber red team actions and adversarial analysis and decision support actions.  We will discuss approach, tools, techniques and outcomes, and conduct a hands-on learning activity to introduce the group to red team techniques.

Speaker: Joe Dalessandro, Head of Security & Technology Audit, Australian Unity

Joe Dalessandro, has extensive experience in Information Security, Risk and Audit and is currently Head of Security & Technology Audit at Australian Unity; and is also the first person from Red Team Thinking to be based in Australia.  Joe worked previously in the US in the Information Security Group for Vanguard, where his role was part advisory, serving as information security liaison with the Asia-Pacific offices, and part operative, performing Information Security risk assessments of Vanguard's vendors and partners. Joe spent four years in Australia for Vanguard where he was the Head of Internal Audit for the Asia-Pacific region.  Joe earned a Master’s degree in Information Security in 2007 from Norwich University and has a number of certifications in security, technology and audit.  He is also the Chair of the Information Security Leadership Master’s degree program at Brandeis University in the US.


Location PwC (Melbourne) The Terrace Level 21 2 Riverside Quay SOUTHBANK, VIC 3006 AUSTRALIA