In addition to previous posts, we'd like to share this news:

The board is now seven member members strong and planning to meeting before the end of 2017. Why? Behind the scenes, the board meets regularly, usually just prior to the bi-monthly member meetings. We discuss possible upcoming speakers, digest any new updates from the (ISC)2 globally such as new learning resources for members, as well as attempt to prioritise chapter initiatives to enrich member experience.

It's too early for the great reveal, but we've been long conscious of the need for a proper web site. We've looked at other Chapter web sites and check in with the central (ISC)2 board and we have a draft web site. There are a few more refinements to undertake before we launch. Watch this space.

The implementation of the yet-to-be-launched web site had us using Trello to manage the sprints/development. The board has extended Trello use to board member tasks, to hopefully allow us to focus on initiatives that provide value. While our Trello board is limited to just the seven directors, we thought our use of it is worth a mention.

An Asia Pacific chapter leadership meeting was held on 7/12/17 with 32 attendees from various countries and (ISC)2 regional executive management. The Melbourne Chapter was well represented at this Skype virtual meeting. Previously these meetings were face-to-face in one country, presenting a financial challenge for chapters wanting to attend but having now revenue to fund the journey.

We've been planning to hold our next members' meeting on 16 January 2018. The venue is locked in and we are trying finalise the speaker. This has presented logistical challenges given we are so close to the quiet time of the year and it's been difficult to get into potential speakers' diaries. Watch out for the invite!